How did Zoro lose his eye?

How did Zoro lose his eye?

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  1. Roronoa Zoro is a prominent character from the long-running anime and manga series One Piece created by Eichiro Oda. He is part of the Straw Hat  Pirates and was in fact, the first to join the group. He is also known by the name Pirate Hunter Zoro and is the swordsman of the pirate crew. Along with Luffy, the main protagonist of the series; and Sanji, the crew’s cook; Zoro forms the group known as the Monster Trio.

    Zoro is inspired by Dracule Mihawk who he considers to be the best swordsman there is. His ambition is to defeat him in battle, but after losing by his hand Zoro trains under Mihawk before returning two years later. His bounty is initially set at 60,000,000 but later it is increased to a much larger amount of 320,000,000.

    Zoro has a muscular build and slightly tanned skin. He has chopped green hair and wears three gold earrings in his left ear, which completes his look as a pirate. He is seen constantly carrying three swords with him including the Wado Ichimonji which he attained from a childhood friend. Known for his unique fighting style, Zoro makes use of three swords in combat while wielding the third in his mouth. Before the time skip, Zoro as well as most others among the crew are 19 years old. However, after a time skip of two years, their looks change and they all seem more mature. Zoro grows taller to a height matching Robin.

    The most prominent change in his appearance after the time skip is the scar across his left eye. The story behind it has not been revealed. It is only observed that the scar has caused some major damage to his eye, causing him to keep it shut. Fans theorize that he may be hiding a new power behind it but to say for sure is impossible.

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