How did Yung Gravy get famous?

How did Yung Gravy get famous?

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  1. How Did Yung Gravy Get Famous?

    Matthew Raymond Hauri is an American rapper who was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota. He is famously known by another name, Yung Gravy. He had a very uneventful life up until he graduated from college. Yung Gravy went to the University of Wisconsin and graduated in the field of marketing by the end of 2017.

    It was during college that Matthew started showcasing his skills as a rapper. He used to attend parties, go to clubs, and perform at organized events at the request of his friends. It was not until his early college years that Yung Gravy started to take interest in rapping and thought of doing it professionally. He was inspired by other rappers who had a similar start to their career. The rapper quit his job and went to recording songs full-time. At first, Yung would record songs by himself. However, he soon got the exposure he was looking for.

    Yung Gravy got famous for his song Mr.Clean and 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot. He is known for his style where he blends trap music with a laid back soul vibe. He has recorded a few songs with other famous rappers like Juicy J, Chief Keef, and Y2K. Yung Gravy has signed by Republic records.

    Although the rapper is still on the stepping stones to the success he has earned enough name to be considered by leading artists. His collaborations with Juicy J and Chief Keef just 2 years into his career are some great achievements. Most rappers are not able to score good collaborations even if they span their entire careers. Yung Gravy has the flavor and groove that attracts not only the common folk but also great artists. It is this positive energy that allows him to grow and expand his horizons as a rapper.


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