How did Yukine die?

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  1. Yukine is among the main characters of the manga and anime Noragami. The manga tells the story of Yato, a God who is trying to earn enough money to build his shrine by doing odd jobs.

    Yukine is a short teenage boy with golden hair and orange-red eyes. His attire changes throughout the series according to their environments.

    Yukine is Yato’s Shinki and is given the name Sekki. In that form Yukine or rather, Sekki is a silver Odachi wrapped in bandages close to the hilt.

    Yato and Yukine start with a rocky relation at first. Yukine is mad about dying and rebels by stealing clothes and various other things. Since he is Yato’s shinki, his behavior hurts him and with the help of the others, Yukine is punished and confesses his sins. From that point, his sarcastic and edgy attitude doesn’t change completely but he forms close bonds with Hiyori and Yato.

    Yato acts as a father figure toward Yukine and the two can relate through their father issues. At the very start, when Yato gives Yukine his name, he sees all of his memories. His tragic past and the way he died reveals why Yukine is shown to be afraid of the dark. He is shown to be around 14 years old when he dies and the visuals that are shown, hint toward an abusive childhood. The manga reveals the entire story behind those visuals. Yukine is abandoned by his mother and sister, left to live alone with his abusive, alcoholic father. He often attacks the child in his drunken fit leaving him wounded, which explains the bandages in his form as Sekki. Finally, wanting to rid himself of the boy Yukine’s father takes the wounded boy to an abandoned yard and Instead of getting him treated, locks him in a refrigerator and leaves where Yukine eventually suffocated to death.

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