How did Vesna Vulovic Survive the fall?

How did Vesna Vulovic Survive the fall?

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  1. Vesna Vulović was a Serbian World record-holding flight attendant. Being the sole survivor of the JAT Flight 367, she holds the Guinness  World Record for the highest fall without a parachute. Even while suffering from a fractured skull, three broken vertebrae, broken legs, broken ribs, and a fractured pelvis, Vesna miraculously recovered after spending a few months in the hospital.

    Vesna was born on January 3rd, 1950. It was initially her love for The Beatles which led to her future as an air hostess. She wished to live in London but when that seemed impossible, she was inspired by her friend and decided to become a flight attendant. So, she joined JAT in 1971.

    There is much controversy that surrounds the bombing but one thing is for sure, this flight attendant’s survival was nothing but pure luck. The JAT Flight 367 was bound from Stockholm to Belgrade through Copenhagen and Zagreb. Originally, Vesna was never supposed to be on this flight. She was mistaken for another attendant with the same name but agreed to take her place. The Flight took off  from Copenhagen at 15:15. Almost an hour later an explosion occurred in the baggage compartment and the plane broke off over the village of Srbská Kamenice in Czechoslovakia. Vesna was found by a farmer who managed to keep her alive until the rescuer’s arrival. Air Safety investigators explained she survived because she got trapped by a food cart. The rest of the 28 crew and passengers flew to their deaths when the cabin depressurized but she was trapped by the food cart. Moreover, her fall was cushioned by the snow on the mountains. Her physicians also concluded her low blood pressure to be a cause. The low blood pressure meant she passed out when the cabin depressurized and was later able to make a full recovery.

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