How did Todoroki get his scar?

How did Todoroki get his scar?

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  1. One of the main protagonists of the popular My Hero Academia anime and manga series, Shoto Todoroki is a student of class 1-A at U.A High school. He holds the unique dual quirks of ice on his right side and fire on his left. Those quirks give him a case of heterochromia such that his right eye is a turquoise color while the other is a dark grey with a scar across his face.

    Despite his strength, he comes from a problematic family and has strained relations with his parents. His father Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor forcefully made him train as a child so he could surpass All Might ( Toshinori Yagi) who is considered the #1 hero.

    Watching her son being treated in such a manner Shoto’s mother, Rei Todoroki, attempted to intervene which resulted in her being physically abused by Endeavor. In his blind selfishness, he drives his wife, Rei to madness causing her to mentally break down and have Shoto despise him. The scar on his face is a result of his mother’s fragile mental state. It is shown that Shoto had been listening in on one of his mother’s conversations as she was boiling water. She spoke of how he resembled his father, Enji more and more every day. As she turns to see the left side of Shoto’s face peeking out, she mistakes him for Endeavor and flings the boiling water toward his face. As stated in the manga, quickly realizing her mistake she attempts to right it by healing her son’s burnt skin using her ice quirk and apologizing. Instead of healing him, she ends up turning the mark into a frostbite scar instead of a burn.

    Shoto however, does not blame his mother for the incident and as a rebellious streak toward his father refuses to use his left side (fire quirk) until he reconciles with his mother

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