How did Thornton die?

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  1. The Call Of The Wild is a book written by Jack London. The book was adapted into a movie released in February 2020. The story follows a St. Bernard mix named Buck.

    Buck is portrayed as a tame but proud dog owned by Judge Miller. The estate gardener sells Buck to a dog trader who takes him up north and trains him as a sled dog. Later, Buck, along with three other dogs gets purchased by Canadian couriers. Moving to Alaska, Buck slowly adapts to life in the wild and sharpens his survival instincts. These instincts lead him to compete against Spitz, the leader of the pack. Following an attack by wild Huskies, Buck wins against Spitz in his surprise attack and comes out victorious.

    Buck leads the pack skillfully before being sold to a Scottish courier who exhausts the dogs with heavy loads. Men named Hal, Charles, and Mercedes take over the ownership of the pack after this. These men are shown to be cruel and unfeeling. They drive the pack hard and deprive them of proper nourishment. At one point, they come across White River where the snow has started to melt and the ice is getting thin. They encounter a camper named John Thornton here who warns Hal and urges him not to cross the river. With his keen sense of danger, Buck refuses to move and is beaten by Hal. This leads to a fight breaking out between Hal and Thornton where Buck is eventually freed.

    Buck and Thornton develop a strong relationship, caring for and supporting the other. After winning a bet, Thornton heads in search of a lost mine, where Buck, curious wanders into the forest. When he returns to the camp with a feeling of dread, he discovers Yeehats have murdered Thornton and they dance around the ruined campsite.

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