How did Thor lose his eye?

How did Thor lose his eye?

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  1. Thor: Ragnarok is a 2017 film based on the Marvel Comics character, Thor. It is a sequel to the 2011 film Thor and the 2013 release Thor: The Dark World. The sequel is considered as the best Thor film against all the others.

    In the first film, Thor ( played by Chris Hemsworth) fights against his brother Loki ( Tom Hiddleston) for the throne of Asgard.

    The sequel takes place two years after the battle of Sokovia. Thor learns that Odin is no longer in Asgard and the prophecy of Ragnarok. He heads to Asgard where he finds Loki posing as their father. The two brothers head out in search of him and find him in Norway. He reveals to them that he is dying, and when he does his firstborn, Hela will be freed from her imprisonment. Hela had grown extremely powerful, leading the Asgardian armies and was sealed away.

    As Odin dies, Hela wreaks havoc in Asgard and succeeds in resurrecting the ancient dead. Meanwhile, Thor is transported to a garbage planet where he is sold as a gladiator by 142. In the arena, he comes face to face with his friend Hulk. Thor convinces the two to help him but they refuse. He manages to escape the Palace and is followed by Hulk. Loki and 142 are sent to capture them again. There, they engage in battle but 142 join Thor and hold Loki captive which allows them to steal the grandmaster’s ship and go to Asgard. Thor reaches Asgard where the final battle takes place. Thor fights against Hela and her warriors with the help of 142 and Bruce Banner (The Hulk). During that time Loki arrives to take the citizens, trapped between the fight, to safety. Thor faces off against his sister and during that fight, he ends up losing his right eye.


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