How did Thomas More die?

How did Thomas More die?

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  1. Sir Thomas More, recognized as a Saint by the Catholic Church was a man of many talents. The Englishman is known as a political personality but he was a lot more than that. More was a lawyer, philosopher, author, statesman, and a prominent humanist of the Renaissance period. For the longest time, he served under Henry VIII and moved up the posts to finally be a High Chancellor. Among his noted works is a book titled Utopia where he writes of the political system of an imaginary island.

    More regarded the Catholic Church highly as can be seen by his friend’s account. At one point More considered abandoning his practice as a lawyer and becoming a monk. He would even often join their exercises. However, he later decided against it and instead stood for election in the Parliament and got married to Jane Colt in 1505.

    In his marriage with Jane, More had four children; Margaret, Elizabeth, Cicely, and John. Shortly after the death of his wife in 1511, he remarried a widow named Alice Middleton. More held modern ideas for that time and wished to provide his daughters with the same education as his son.

    As a supporter of the Catholic Church, More strongly stood against the abolishment of its power. Years later, he resigned from his post as a result of a further disagreement. He still did not accept the King’s supremacy but didn’t voice his disagreement.

    In 1533 More refused to attend the coronation of Queen Anne. Even though he had personally written to Henry and wished the Queen and the King health and happiness, More was still portrayed as a villain for not attending. There were many allegations against him and In 1534 he was charged for treason when he refused to sign the Oath of Succession. His sentence was carried out and More was publicly executed on July 6, 1535.

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