How did the youngest mother in the world get pregnant?

How did the youngest mother in the world get pregnant?

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  1. Childbirth is a magical and miraculous process. Even more so, when the mother is just five years old. Lina Medina is known as the youngest person who gave birth and became a mother. She gave birth to her son at the age of five years, seven months, and 21 days.

    Medina was born in Ticrapo, Peru. She had eight siblings and belonged to a poor background. Born on 23 September 1933, she is also the youngest person with the case of precocious puberty. According to medical professionals, Medina had her first period at eight months and had a regular cycle since three years of age.

    Precocious puberty is a genetic condition where a person goes through puberty much earlier. It can result in facial hair and a deepening voice for boys and early development of breasts and the reproductive organs for girls.

    In 1939, Medina’s parents brought her to a doctor in Lima for increasing abdominal growth. It turned out, and the doctors confirmed that it was not a tumor as her parents had suspected, but she was seven months pregnant at the time. The rarity of the event sparked great interest from the press and medical researchers. The family was offered large amounts of money on several occasions in exchange for an interview, but they refused, not wanting the public attention.

    Six weeks later, Medina gave birth to her son and named him Gerardo, after her doctor. Despite the unusual circumstances of his birth, her son was completely normal and died of bone disease at age 40.

    The fact of how she even got pregnant is unknown since it’s possible Medina did not know herself. When asked by doctors about the father, she did not give a proper response. Her father was arrested for child abuse but was later released due to lack of evidence.

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