How did the Joker get his scars?

How did the Joker get his scars?

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  1. Who doesn’t know The Joker? He is a lovable villain not just for his pranks and goofy behavior but his sheer insanity and madman attitude. Batman’s earliest enemy and arch-nemesis, that ends up at odds against the hero countless times. His unreliable memory has led to him having multiple origin stories. One states, that the joker started as a villain named Red hood. He quit his job as a laboratory worker so he could collect enough money and retire. While being chased by Batman he falls into a vat of chemicals that change his appearance to what is most familiar to readers, bleached skin, red lips, and green hair. Another origin says that he was a stand-up comedian trying to support his pregnant wife. When he fails at that he becomes Red hood and much like the previous story falls into a vat of chemical while being chased by Batman in the aftermath of a failed heist. The death of his unborn child and wife drives him to madness and he earns the title of the Joker.

    Much like his origin stories, the reasons behind his scars are many as well. In “Batman Confidential” it is found that after Jack (said to be the Joker’s first name as given by “Payback”) injured Batman’s girlfriend, he scarred his face in a permanent grin and left him to mobsters who tortured him in a chemical plant. As a result of that incident, his appearance as The Joker is completed with the scars and bleached skin.

    In the 1989 Batman movie, the story is a little different. The theme of the chemicals is still present. According to the movie after having his face disfigured by the chemicals The Joker sought the help of an underground surgeon who somehow managed to just fix his cheeks and the scars from then remained.

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