How did Teddy Roosevelt die?

How did Teddy Roosevelt die?

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  1. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was the 26th president of the United States and referred to with his nickname “Teddy.” He was a statesman, politician, naturalist as well as a writer. Before he became president, Roosevelt also served as the 25th Vice President and 33rd Governor of New York. His face is featured on the famous Mount Rushmore site along with the other three presidents ( Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas  Jefferson.)

    Roosevelt was born on October 27 1858 in Manhattan, New York. Roosevelt came from a combined background of business and politics. He was bot a very healthy child and struggled a lot because of his asthma. He would often have severe asthma attacks that the doctors found no way to cure. Even so, he was a bright and inquisitive child who held a love for zoology from a young age and even formed his own “ Roosevelt Museum of Natural History.” His father was a great inspiration for him and influenced his growth and choices.

    Roosevelt was homeschooled for the majority of his life. While he was talented at the sciences and other subjects such as philosophy, he struggled with mathematics, Latin, and Greek. He was known to have a great memory and participated in multiple sports at Harvard. He also acted as an editor for the Harvard Advocate. Eventually, after his father’s death, Roosevelt gave up natural studies and began to pursue Law.

    Though he had overcome his asthma in his youth, in 1919 Roosevelt suffered breathing problems and was treated by his physician. Later that night, he died in his sleep. The reason behind it was found to be a blood clot that had traveled to his lungs. The statesman was 60 at the time and a simple funeral was arranged for him. He was buried in Youngs Memorial Cemetery.


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