How did Ted Bundy kill his victims?

How did Ted Bundy kill his victims?

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  1. Ted Bundy is a notorious American serial killer. He was charged for kidnapping, raping, and murdering a large number of young women in the 1970s. He managed to escape the law for years before finally confessing in 1989. The fact that makes him notable is that he managed to keep up the pretense of normal life and outwitted officials, several times.

    He was known to be handsome and charismatic, traits which made it easier for him to lure in victims. He would usually pretend to be injured and ask a victim for assistance before knocking them unconscious. He would then take his target elsewhere to rape and murder them. Sometimes, he would go far enough to groom the corpse. He would wash their hair and put on makeup before engaging in sexual acts with the rotting corpse. At times, instead of waiting for his victims, he would break into their homes and kidnap them. His usual methods for murdering his victims were either strangling them or bludgeoning them to death using a crowbar. Either way, he always made sure to avoid using a gun. Bundy even decapitated the heads of 12 of his victims and kept them in his apartment as mementos or souvenirs.

    While committing such heinous acts, Bundy kept the fa├žade of regular life. He attended two to three universities, studying law and completing a degree in psychology. He had several girlfriends and worked for a suicide prevention hotline. Even after his arrest in 1975, Bundy managed to make two artful escapes from custody. He was finally recaptured in 1978 and was sentenced to three death penalties in two separate trials. On January 24, 1989, Bundy was executed through the electric chair in Florida State Prison after years of claiming innocent lives while having the world wrapped around his finger.

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