How did Tamako Yukihira die?

How did Tamako Yukihira die?

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  1. Tamako Yukihira belongs to the manga Shokugeki no Soma ( Translated in English as Food Wars! ) The manga (serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump! Since 2012- June 2019) earned an anime adaptation in 2015 which is still ongoing. The anime series has 79 episodes and 5 OVAs so far.

    The series follows a young boy by the name of Soma. His dream is to become a great chef and surpass even his father in his culinary skill. He wishes to work in the family restaurant as a full-time chef but his dream is cut short when his father closes down the restaurant to go and cook in Europe, following his new job. Soma instead goes to Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute, a prestigious and highly competitive culinary school to perfect his skills.

    Tamako Yukihira was Soma’s mother. She has hair similar to Soma in color and is also shown wearing a white band tied around her head while cooking and tied around her neck otherwise. Although, her hair is depicted as brown in the anime series. She also worked as a chef in the Yukihira family diner, which was famous for its horrible food ( named as the chef’s special among the customers). Despite her appearance, talentless cooking, Tamako was still admired by her son and husband for her unique ideas and unwillingness to give up the culinary path even after failing often.

    She makes an appearance in the manga (chapter 311) and anime (episodes 74 and 76) and is shown as a lively and optimistic personality, much like her son.

    Tamako passed away when Soma was a young boy. He was about twelve years old when she developed a heart disease caused by a heart valve defect. After a month she suffered from complications and died.

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