How did Tai Styles die?

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  1. Tai Styles was the daughter of American rapper Styles P. Tai Styles committed suicide at the age of 19 in 2015. The parents were not aware of their girl’s mental state. In interviews following her death, both Styles P and Adjua Styles said that they had no such indication from their daughter. She was just like any other teenager.

    Tai Styles was living separately from her parents at her apartment. She reached the breaking point right after Tai had a breakup with her girlfriend. The young student felt alone and depressed after her breakup that possibly led to her committing suicide. Moreover, Tai was feeling the absence of her biological father in her life. She had tried to fill the void left by him but wasn’t able to cope.

    Tai had shut herself off emotionally to her parents and friends which led to her taking her own life at the young age of 19.

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