How did Snotty Boy die?

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  1. Snotty Boy is a minor antagonist from the Back At The Barnyard animated TV series. The series is based on the film of the same name which was released in 2006. The show aired on Nickelodeon over three years.

    The idea of the series is similar to that of the film. It follows a cow named Otis and his friends who live in the barnyard. They go on many different adventures as they try to hide their ability to talk and keep it a secret from humans. Funnily, their adventures always go wrong and put them in some form of trouble. Other than Otis, the Barnyard has also had other animals including, but not limited to a pig, dog, and other cows.

    Snotty Boy is shown as a mean bully who horribly treats the animals and even abuses his uncle, Mr. Beady. Snotty Boy or Eugene was mistreated by his abusive cousin Phlegmy Boy which made him grow up into the nasty bully that he is. He not just mistreated the animals and his uncle but is also seen mocking his parents. However, he is far from being the smartest character in the series. His insults are usually small and repetitive. His unintelligent mockery is limited to the words stupid or stinky. The only one who is saved from the boy’s meanness is Mrs. Beady. She is his aunt around whom Eugene acts like a perfect well behaved angel. Another one of his hobbies is to endlessly boast and brag about his plethora of skills. Even though he does not possess any such skills he proudly shows off about his karate skills, psychic abilities, and salsa dance moves.

    Snotty boy wears a short-sleeved purple shirt with yellow lines and the number 2 printed on it. His face is full of pimples and braces.


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