How did Scooter Borderlands die?

How did Scooter Borderlands die?

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  1. Scooter Borderlands is a character from Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Tales from Borderlands. He is a mechanic shown to be in his early twenties. His iconic trait is his catchphrase “Catch a Riiiide” which also serves as the slogan for his company.

    Scooter is a notable character in the Tales from Borderlands episodes Atlas Mugged and Escape Plan Bravo.

    In Atlas Mugged, Fiona and Sasha ask for Scooter’s help with their vehicles. Scooter recognizes them as the winners of the Bandit Race and agrees in exchange for a generous amount of money. The racers are unable to pay it and Scooter makes them an offer. In exchange for repairing their vehicle Scooter asks them to sponsor him instead so he can gain some more exposure. Fiona and Sasha lie to him and get the repairs done.

    In the next episode, Escape Plan Bravo, Fiona, and Sasha alongside Rhys, Vaughn, and Vallory make their way to search for Scooter. They hope to why a ride to Helios from him but instead end up being interrogated by Janey, who works with Scooter in his garage. Janey agrees to build them a rocket for the journey and Scooter goes along when Fiona urges that they will need a mechanic. However, the crew faces a great problem as they are unable to pull out of Pandora’s gravitational force. The scooter comes up with a plan to overload the ship so they can move on. Later, Fiona and Scooter attempt to detach some rockets from the ship which are at risk of exploding. Fiona manages to detach hers but Scooter’s hand gets stuck in the stabilizer console. Failing to remove his hand Fiona is forced to detach the rocket along with him. The two share a heartfelt goodbye before Scooter is released with the rocket and explodes in space.

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