How did Ray Combs die?

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  1. Raymond Neil Combs Jr. is best known as the host for Family Feud, a famous family game show that first aired in 1976 on ABC. Before becoming known as a TV show host, Combs was a stand-up comedian. He was very popular in the industry and known for his unique method of sitcom theme sing-alongs.

    Born on April 3rd, 1956, Combs was an active and multitalented student during high school. He even served as a missionary for two years. In his hometown of Hamilton, Ohio he attempted to start two comedy clubs but failed and fell into a great financial crisis.

    His career saw an especially good fortuned boost when he moved to Los Angeles with his family.  From singing along theme songs he went to warm up audiences for well-known sitcoms such as The Golden Girls and then hosting the Tonight Show. Through his fame, he ended up giving small guest performances in many movies and sitcoms until he was signed to be the host for Family Feud in 1988. However, with time the show’s popularity plummeted and he was eventually replaced by the original host Richard Dawson. This came as a shock to Combs but he silently left the studio after wrapping up his final episode.

    The comedian’s career and life both went into a downward spiral from 1996. He was removed as the host for Family Feud and his attempts to reignite his career failed miserably. He also went through a divorce with Debbie, his wife of 18 years. These events along with the financial burden upon him led him to become suicidal. As this news reached the Police, he was sent to Glendale  Adventist Medical Center to be kept under observation. Sadly he was found hanging by his bedsheets in the facility. His funeral was held in Glendale on June 7, 1996.

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