How did Pucci die?

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  1. Enrico Pucci is the main antagonist of the sixth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga. The manga is written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki and was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump for seventeen years, starting from 1987. In 2005 it transferred to Ultra Jump, a monthly seinen manga magazine. The manga is divided into eight story arcs, each with a different protagonist belonging to the Joestar family and nicknamed JoJo.

    Pucci appears in part 6: Stone Ocean. He is a loyal devotee of DIO and Hope to help his friend achieve his long-sought-after plan to “achieve heaven.” He can manipulate the mind and soul of another through his Stand, Whitesnake.

    At first, Enrico was a hardworking man who strived to follow his faith as best as he could. However, following the death of his sister, he joined with DIO and became a radical believer. He felt humans were powerless to God’s fate and will, something he referred to as Gravity.

    Other than his initial ability, Whitesnake he later picks up other Stands, C-Moon and Made in Heaven, which allow him to control gravity and slowly speed up the passage of time, respectively.

    Near the end, Pucci manages to end the universe and then bring about a new one through his abilities, where all humans exist with the capacity to accept their fates. He then chases after Emporio Alniño to defeat him before he becomes a threat. During that time Emporio takes advantage of Pucci’s injured right eye and obtains the abilities of Weather Report (Wes Bluemarine). Pucci attempts to reverse time but his efforts are futile as Emporio manipulates the oxygen level in the atmosphere and the acceleration of time through Made In Heaven backfires. It ends up speeding up his oxygen poisoning. He collapses, dead by Weather Report, and his universe shifts into an alternate timeline.

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