How did Phil Swift die?

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  1. Phil Swift is the Co-founder of his company Swift Response along with his brother Alan Swift. Their company headquarters are located in California, USA. The company focuses on creating different forms of super adhesives such as Flex Glue, Flex shot, and the waterproof Flex Tape. Phil acts as the spokesperson for his company and can be credited for the company’s market success. Long before the founding of the company, Phil worked in sales and market strategy. His brother is rarely ever seen on air but he is a University of Houston graduate and holds many experiences in the area of business administration.

    Phil has been featured across the internet a few times but his products initially gained their internet fame through YouTube. A Youtuber by the name of JonTron reviewed a Flex Seal infomercial in 2017. That video (“Waterproofing My Life With Flex Tape) became the most-viewed on his channel and also did wonders for the Flex products. Aside from the company, Phil himself became an internet meme known to all. He was also featured in a BuzzFeed article in 2014. The company has also sponsored multiple, talented NASCAR drivers and the NASCAR Xfinity Series team JD Motorsports.

    The company’s products have seen many reviews and while not all of them are positive, they are recommended by celebrities Daniel Tosh and Jerry Seinfeld. Rightly so, as their products were seen in action helping with the repairs of houses after the hurricane Sandy and the category 5 hurricane Matthew.

    The famous businessman was born on 6th August 1944. Despite his 75 years of experience, he is still lively and full of humor. Not much is known about his family other than the fact that he has two children; a daughter and a son by the name of Nic Swift.

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