How did Phil Hartman Die?

How did Phil Hartman Die?

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  1. Phil Hartman was a famous comedian, actor, and screenwriter. He was born in Canada but his family moved to the United States when Phil was just an adolescent. The actor got his degree in graphic arts from California State University. His first success also came as a graphic artist as he made album covers for several artists. It was in 1975 that Phil got his first stint as a comedian. He joined the comedy group The Groundlings.

    Hartman wrote the film “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” and other titles. His success with a few movies bought him a place in the famous Saturday Night Live show broadcasted by NBC. He won awards for his work on the show as well. Phil Hartman was perhaps known well for his voice-over acting in the Simpsons.

    The actor met a sad end at the young age of 49. Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife Brynn Omdahl. The events that led to the incident are not clear but it is reported that Brynn was jealous of her husband’s success.

    On May 27 Brynn Omdahl visited a restaurant with producer Christine Zander. Brynn was perfectly fine at her meeting. She left for home where she had a heated argument with Phil. Hartman went to sleep afterward. By May 28 at 3 a.m, Brynn came into Phil’s room with a .38 caliber gun and shot the comedian in the head, the throat and the chest. Brynn was on drugs and intoxicated before the incident. A large amount of cocaine was found in her system.

    Brynn confessed to the murder of two of her friends. The police were called at 6 in the morning and Hartman’s body was shifted to the morgue. Meanwhile, Brynn locked herself in a room and committed suicide.

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