How did people wake up before Alarm Clocks existed?

How did people wake up before Alarm Clocks existed?

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  1. Early Bird or Night Owl, waking up in the morning is not an easy task for anyone. While it is an easy task for some, it can be a separate chore for others. It is unimaginable what our lives would be like without alarm clocks and the mighty snooze button. Even before the first patented alarm clock in 1847, humans managed to find unique ways to get the job done.

    There were two forms of alarms created using candles. One method was used by the Chinese where they embedded nails in candles and as the candles melted, the nails fell out and made a clanging sound to wake the person up. The other method was created in the form of a flint clock in the 1700s. The clock was set to ring a bell at a set hour and that would light a candle for those who can’t wake up with just noise.

    Another attempt was made by an American inventor in 1787. His clock acted like a more reliable rooster. The clock only rang at 4 a.m. and was known to be one of the first personal alarm clocks used.
    Indian warriors used a method that relied on their body clocks in a sense. They would alter and manage their water consumption so they could wake up at the hour they wanted with an urge to pee. This is still a good solution for people today who can’t help but snooze until they run late.

    In the 18 and 1900s knocked uppers were a common resource. Knocked uppers were people who used sticks and hammers to make noise and wake up their customers every morning. How they woke up is a mystery to many.
    This shows that even if alarm clocks didn’t exist we all would have found a way, but it is a good thing that they do.

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