How did Odin lose his eye?

How did Odin lose his eye?

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  1. Odin is among the most popular and widely known Norse Gods. He is regarded prominently for knowledge but otherwise also associated with a wide range of other domains such as wisdom, healing, death, the gallows, knowledge, war, sorcery, poetry, and theĀ runic alphabet. He is known by many names across several languages like Old English, Old Dutch, and Old High German. He was such a strong influence among ancient tribes in Europe to early Germanic people, that the day Wednesday holds Odin’s name in several Germanic languages including English.

    Moat information about Odin is found through Old Norse texts. Those narrations describe Odin as a one-eyed man wearing a cloak and broad hat. He carries a spear named Gungnir and has a long beard. His companions are two wolves by the name of Geri and Freki and two ravens: Huginn and Muninn.

    Odin is known to be a great seeker of knowledge and some events show the extremes he went to for obtaining knowledge. One such event is Odin’s venture to Mimir’s Well. Mimir is said to be the guardian of the well and requires payment in exchange for the knowledge of the universe. Odin traveled to this well, believed to be the Well of Urd, and asked Mimir for a drink of that water. Mimir refused to hand him access to the information unless he paid a price. In turn, Odin gave one of his eyes to Mimir as payment and was granted a drink from the well. Mimir dropped the eye into the well and it sank to the bottom, remaining as a reminder of God’s sacrifice in exchange for greater knowledge. His act of giving an eye for knowledge may be seen as a poetic, symbolic act where he gave an eye to know and see all.

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