How did Natalie Wood die?

How did Natalie Wood die?

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  1. Best known for her role in “Rebel without a cause”, Natalie Woods was a famous American- born Russian actress who started in the acting business at the very early age of 4. Growing up she starred in many roles but it wasn’t until the 1955 film with co-star James Dean that her reputation as a star flourished. Throughout her life, she got nominated and won many awards from Golden Globes to Academy Awards. She got married three times in her life. Twice to Robert Wagner, who was her first and last husband until she died in 1981. In between, she was also married to Richard Gregson before divorcing him, before all of that she also had a short relationship with Elvis Presley. She was also a mother to her two daughters and several stepchildren from both her marriages.

    There is much mystery surrounding the death of the Award-winning actress. She rode her yacht The Splendour out to the Catalina Islands. The weather was stormy at that time since it had been raining some days before then. Her death was reported as accidental drowning since she could not swim. The real cause behind the incident is unclear due to various witnesses’ statements. However, it is suspected that her husband Robert might be responsible for her demise even though he had called the Coast Guard for help when Natalie went missing after he argued with one of the people present on the trip with them.

    Years later, when her case was reopened the cause of death was re-evaluated and changed to “drowning and other undetermined factors” as they found bruises in several places on her body.  Even now the mystery is unsolved as there was not enough evidence to prove the case as a murder.

    Natalie’s funeral was a large affair and attended by many big names totaling a hundred people.

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