How did Napoleon rise to power?

How did Napoleon rise to power?

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  1. Napoleon Bonaparte was a famous French military leader and emperor known for conquering a vast expanse of the European land at the start of the 19th century. He was a skilled strategist and saw victory in many battles. However, after they attempted to invade Russia, his luck ran out and he lost the following battles, a famous loss among them being the Battle of Waterloo, and ended up being exiled till the end of his life in 1821.

    Born on 15th August 1769, Napoleon belonged to a  minor noble family yet was not rich. After attending a French military academy he started his service as Second Lieutenant in an artillery regiment of the army. The French revolution which started from 1789 ( and lasted till three years after that), presented a great opportunity to many as they got promoted to higher ranks of General and Marshall. During this time Napoleon also rose through the ranks of the military pretty quickly and became Brigadier General.

    From that time Napoleon led the French army to victory in various battles. In 1796 he fought against the Austrian forces and won much more territory for France after the signing of the Treaty of Campo Formio in the following year.

    Afterward, he launched an attack on Egypt in an attempt to weaken the British in the year 1798. While he won the battle, his army was left stranded there as all the ships were destroyed. This victory still made Napoleon popular back home in France.

    In a final move for power, Napoleon along with his brother plotted a coup against the already weak political powers which were slowly losing favor among the people. Through an event called The Coup of 18 Brumaire, Napoleon after fighting many more battles finally took power and named himself emperor in 1804.

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