How did Nagito lose his arm?

How did Nagito lose his arm?

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  1. Nagito Komaeda is a character from the video game franchise Danganronpa. He appears in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. The franchise also holds various visual novels, a manga, and an anime series adaptation.

    Nagito is given the name of Ultimate Lucky Student for his strange experiences, both extremely lucky and unlucky. He is a tall and skinny individual with long white hair and extremely pale skin tone.

    Knowing the degree of bad luck that surrounded him at times, he did not keep any close friends nor form any strong bonds with fear of extending his awful luck towards those people. Due to his isolation his social skills are not the best yet, he acts as the group’s mediator and often attempts to pump them up with his optimistic attitude. Despite his positive attitude he tends to judge himself in a very harsh manner and avoids conflict at all possible times, making him very submissive. He is a strong believer in the ideal of hope and can sometimes take it to highly extreme levels, up until killing without any guilt. He holds a friendly attitude and an ever-present smile, even in dark moments which proves that it is just a coping mechanism to chain his sorrow and true emotions.

    During his second year at the academy, Junko Enoshima invited a few including Nagito to join the Ultimate Despair and began to brainwash all the members to be in love with her. However, either due to his unusual luck or his psychologically altered brain, the brainwashing did not have the same effect on Nagito as it did on the others. He ended up with equal levels of love and hate for Junko. Sometime later when he learns that Junko is dead he seeks out her corpse and amputated his arm to replace it with Junko’s.

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