How did Mirio lose his quirk?

How did Mirio lose his quirk?

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  1. Mirio Togata is a character belonging to the My Hero Academia manga. The manga has been going since 2014 and makes a weekly appearance in the Weekly Shonen Jump. It got an anime adaption in 2016 and is still ongoing.

    Mirio is a part of class 3-B at the U.A. High school. He is known by his hero name Lemillion and is part of The Big Three. Until he met Midoriya, Mirio was to be All might’s successor and inherit his team. His quirk allows him to pass through objects. It is said to be difficult to control and Mirio is sometimes seen struggling with it.

    Mirio holds a gravitating, happy go lucky attitude. He is full of energy and a bright smile to go with his positive outlook. At every instance, he manages to entertain the ones around him with his somewhat strange sense of humor. Despite his laid back nature, Mirio is a hard worker and has gone to many lengths trying to perfect his ability. He is brave and values being a hero. So much that he chose his hero name as a goal to save at least a million people. His goofy personality has made people wonder about his abilities as a hero yet Mirio never backs down and gives his everything to be a great hero for all those around him.

    However, Mirio’s bravery and determination led him to lose his quirk while trying to save Eri. During an event known as the Hasssaikai Incident, Mirio breaks off from the rest of the team to fight on his own. He faces Overhaul and his team members to protect Eri. Overhaul orders Shin to shoot at Eri because he is sure Lemillion will do everything to save her. The bullet is formed of some special equipment that can remove another quirk. Mirio blocks the way to Eri but gets hit by the bullet and loses his quirk.


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