How did Marilyn Monroe die?

How did Marilyn Monroe die?

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  1. Marilyn Monroe was known as the ‘blonde bombshell’ and was famous for her acting, singing and dancing roles in movies. She was regarded as the highest-paid female actress of her era. Monroe received several awards and accolades and earned her name for being one of the most successful Hollywood personalities.

    The actress was battling against mental illness and drug abuse. Monroe was not doing well in terms of her public image at the time of her death. She had recently been fired from a big movie Something’s Got To Give and was looking to redeem her role in the movie. The actress cum model was also in talks with photographers and interviewers to create a sort of hype that was fading from her life.

    However, on August 4th, 1962 Monroe was found dead at her residence in Los Angeles. Her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson had asked Monroe’s housekeeper Eunice Murray to spend the night to keep an eye on the actress. Murray reported that by 3 a.m. Monroe had locked herself in her room and was lying on the bed naked with pills on the bedside.

    The death was termed as a suicide since Marilyn Monroe had suicidal tendencies for a long time. Interestingly, this was not the end for Monroe as several conspiracy theories arose regarding her death. The conspiracies included high profile names such as John F.Kennedy, Jimmy Hoffa, and Sam Giancana that prompted the Los Angeles police and they reopened her case for a reinvestigation. Fortunately or unfortunately nothing new was found and the case was closed back again.

    Marilyn Monroe was buried in Los Angeles at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. The iconic actress rests in the crypt of Corridor of Memories to this day.

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