How did Margot Frank died?

How did Margot Frank died?

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  1. Margot Frank was the eldest daughter of Edith and Otto Frank but she is perhaps well known through her sister Anne Frank. Margot Frank spent her life in hiding with her family where she kept a personal diary, like her younger sister. However, Margot’s diary was never found meaning the world only knows her through the eyes of Anne.

    The Frank family led a very normal life until the appointment of Adolf Hitler as the head of state. Margot was a practicing Jew who had revolutionary ideas. She learned Hebrew and joined a Zionist club in Amsterdam where she dreamt of founding a land for Jews in Palestine.

    However, before Margot could realize her dreams and ambitions, they were shattered. On July 5, 1942, Margot received a letter to join a labor camp. Soon after receiving the letter, the Frank family went into hiding and stayed hidden for almost 2 years before they were found.

    The Gestapo arrested and detained Margot and the rest of the inhabitants of the shelter she was found in. The inhabitants were taken to a concentration camp in the Netherlands. Margot and her family were declared criminals for denying to show up two years ago. The young woman was sentenced to perform hard labor at the concentration camp.

    The Frank sisters were transported to Bergen-Belsen camp on October 30th, 1944. Margot and her sister contracted typhus in 1944. The elder sister died at the age of 19 in March of 1945. Margot was buried in a mass grave at the camp.

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