How did Mapleshade die?

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  1. Mapleshade is a major character from Erin Hunter’s book series, Warriors. She is portrayed as a villain in the story, trying to get revenge against the people who wronged her. She is among the antagonists of the story arc “Omen of the stars” and the main protagonist of “Mapleshade’s Vengeance.”

    This white-tortoiseshell cat did not start as a vengeful personality. She was loyal to her clan, the ThunderClan, and served as a warrior. Despite it being a forbidden love, Mapleshade fell for a warrior from the rival clan, RiverClan. She bore Appledusk’s kits and kept the truth a secret from her clan members. As they found out they exiled Mapleshade and she was forced to cross the river to where the RiverClan was and seek refuge there. En route, she struggled against the raging river currents but lost her kits in that tragic accident watching them sweep away. Finally, making her way to Appledusk she is shocked when he blames her for the incident with her kits. Denied refuge for even a single night Mapleshade leaves and goes rogue, swearing revenge on all those who led to her exile and the death of her kits.

    Monitoring Appledusk to find the perfect moment to exact her revenge Mapleshade waits in a tree. There she witnesses Appledusk mentoring one of his pupils called Perchpaw.

    Awakening from one of her naps later in the day, she finds Perchpaw practicing battle tactics instead if her assigned job. Seeing the opportunity present itself she pounces on the beginner and captures her. At that point, Appledusk shows up and Mapleshade reveals herself and Perchpaw as her hostage. The three end up in a battle and Perchpaw manages to land a blow, injuring Mapleshade. The exiled warrior flees but eventually bleeds out and dies from the wound inflicted upon her.

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