How did Luke Skywalker die in The Last Jedi?

How did Luke Skywalker die in The Last Jedi?

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  1. StarWars: The Last Jedi is the eighth part of the Skywalker Saga. The film was released in 2017 and serves as the continuation after The Force Awakens. The film surrounds Luke Skywalker and the other members of the Resistance as they fight against Kylo Ren and The First Order. Upon its release, the movie became the highest-grossing film of 2017 and the ninth highest-grossing film of all time. The film also secured several nominations including those for Best Visual Features.

    Luke Skywalker is among the primary characters of the original Star Wars trilogy. He is portrayed by Mark Hamilton in the films. Luke is shown as the most ordinary person until he trains as a Jedi under Obi-wan Kenobi and Yoda. He serves as a mentor for both the protagonist, Rey, and antagonist, Kylo Ren of the sequel trilogy. Even though the character dies in The Last Jedi, he still makes several appearances in the later sequel and prequel films.

    In the film, The Last Jedi, Rey attempts to find and convince Luke to help them in the fight against The First Order. Luke, who has gone into voluntary exile refuses to join the Resistance and believes that the Jedi should be no more. Upon further persuasion by others, including the spirit of his master Yoda, Luke relents and agrees to help.

    In the final battle, Luke appears against the First Order as the other members of the Resistance escape. As Kyli Ren engages him in battle it turns out that Luke actually projected his image using the Force and is not present there. Exhausted through the enormous strain put on him by that move he dies and becomes one with The Force. His death indicates that projecting his image was not a simple task and cost him a high price.


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