How did Lionblaze die?

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  1. Lionblaze (formerly known as Lionkit and then Lionpaw) is a golden tabby serving as a deputy of the ThunderClan. He belongs to the Warriors book series written by Erin Hunter. Lionblaze was an apprentice under Ashfur by the name of LionPaw until he grew and earned his warrior name, Lionblaze. He is a skilled and strong warrior undefeated in battle. Originally fathered by Crowfeather, a cat from the WindClan, Lionblaze, and his siblings HollyLeaf and JayFeather are raised by their adoptive parents SquirrelFlight and Bramblestar. They later find out their half clan origins when trapped by Ashfur.

    He took an apprentice by the name of DoveWing and trained her to gain better control over her powers.

    Lionblaze pursued Cinderheart, a warrior of the ThunderCaln as his mate and bore two litters of kits who later grew into fearless warriors. After being brought to life once more, Bramblestar exiled Lionblaze for breaking the Warrior Code ( Lionblaze accidentally trespassed into WindClan territory). After a short passage of time, he is adopted back in the Clan after swearing an oath of loyalty. However, this was short-lived as he was again exiled for his half clan origin. From there Lionblaze sought refuge with the ShadowClan. It was later revealed that the revived Bramblestar was not him but an imposter posing as him. After which Lionblaze was again appointed as a deputy under Squirrelflight.

    In DoveWing’s flight, the three prophesized cats, Jayfeather, DoveWing, and Lionblaze himself, lose their powers and Lionblaze grows more vulnerable to common injuries and attacks. He still believes himself to be invincible but is reminded by his mate that he can very possibly get hurt. Up until now, Lionblaze is alive and well and it seems the only way this mighty warrior will meet his end is in the battle against time.


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