How did kurt cobain kill himself?

How did kurt cobain kill himself?

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  1. Kurt Cobain was a legendary musician who rose to fame with his stint as a singer and guitarist for the rock band Nirvana. Cobain was born in 1967 and at a young age of 20, he formed the famous band Nirvana with his buddies Krist Novoselic and Aaron Burckhard. The band found instant success in their hometown of Seattle and soon got signed with a leading record label DGC Records.

    Soon after Nirvana’s signing the band went global and got extremely famous with their song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Kurt Cobain wrote and performed the famous song along with several other hit songs.

    Kurt Cobain had a raging heroin addiction which doubled up due to his depression. The singer had many mental issues that he was fighting against and he was reportedly not very good at handling fame at such a young age. Regardless, Cobain married singer Courtney Love in 1992 but that marriage would not last long.

    His depression and addiction reached uncontrollable levels in 1994. Kurt went into a coma after overdosing on champagne and the drug Rohypnol in March. Only a month later in April, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. He was found dead in his home three days after his death at the age of 27.

    Kurt’s body was found in his home when an electrician who was working to install security cameras on his house came to do his job. The police declared Kurt died of a gunshot wound to his head and called it a suicide however many people did not accept this verdict and instead blamed Kurt’s wife Courtney of doing the deed. Conspirators claimed that Courtney got Kurt killed but the police found no incriminating evidence that would lead towards Courtney.

    Kurt wrote a chilling suicide note where he quoted Neil Young’s lyrics, “better to burn out than fade away.”


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