How did Kim Clement die?

How did Kim Clement die?

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  1. Kim Clement, famously nicknamed as “The Singing Prophet” was a singer, author, and Pastor. He was born on 30th September 1956 and had three siblings. He was a great believer in the Lord and Jesus and prophesized multiple events that came true. He served as a Pastor in multiple churches and gained a great following for his abilities and words of hope. Even though he was well known as a religious personality, he did not walk this path from the start.

    Kim was born to Vivian and Babette Clement. They were both equally religious people and Kim adopted the Christian and Israel religion.

    From an early age, Kim was attracted to music. He learned the classical piano at the age of 5 with the guidance of his aunt. Later on, he formed a band named “Mark 4” along with his brother, Barry during his high school days. He even went on to tour many places with another band he formed, named Cosmic Blues.

    He was a rebellious child from the start and had a habit of smoking since his early teens. This, later on, grew to a habit of drug addiction. He also struggled with depression during that time. It was an event involving a robbery that changed his life forever. After being stabbed and robbed while drunk, Kim was saved by an unknown Christian man who saved him, at that moment and the rest of his life.  Following this incident, Kim completely changed and left all his bad habits behind to follow the path of the Lord.

    In September 2015, Kim was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had been suffering from severe brain bleeds before that. After a year of fighting against the illness, the famous pastor passed away in November 2016 at the age of 60 years old.

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