How did Kakashi lose his eye?

How did Kakashi lose his eye?

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  1. Kakashi Hatake is one of the leading characters from the anime series Naruto. Kakashi was a prodigal ninja of the Hidden Leaf who climbed the ladder of success faster than any of his colleagues. He was promoted from a Genin to a Chunin and then to a Jonin in a very short span of time. Kakashi also became a part of the Anbu Black Ops force, which is only meant for powerful and skilled ninja.

    It was during the Third Ninja War that Kakashi lost his eye. The circumstances leading to the incident were clearly explained in the anime as well as the Naruto manga series. Kakashi believed in completing his missions. He put his missions above his comrades as he had learned from his father. However, that soon changed and Kakashi learned the importance of friends. His teammate Rin got captured by enemy shinobi and both Kakashi and Obito Uchiha went in search of her.

    It was while fighting the enemy ninja that Kakashi lost his eye. An enemy shinobi slashed his kunai costing Kakashi his left eye. However, he was saved by Obito before any more damage could come to him.

    Later on, in their fight to re-capture Rin, Kakashi and Obito got caught in a difficult situation. Obito got crushed under a building while saving Kakashi. Half of Obito’s body got crushed under the rubble and as he was dying, he offered Kakashi his right eye. In this way, Kakashi Hatake got a complete set of eyes and the famous Sharingan.

    Kakashi also lost his eye against his fight against the Six Paths of Pain and died. But that was reversed after Nagato initiated a Jutsu that revived all the people of the Hidden Leaf. Kakashi lost the power of the Sharingan after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

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