How did Joshua Hudnall die?

How did Joshua Hudnall die?

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  1. Joshua Michael Hudnall was a part of the Investigation Discovery shows Evil Lives Here. The show is a documentary TV series where people share their experiences and stories of crimes carried out by their close relations. Using police footage, old photos, videos, and reenactments of several scenes the show immerses the viewer and presents the story of the murder as well as the murderer as something they have experienced first hand.

    Joshua Hudnall was part of the 5th season of the true-crime show and related the story of how his mother, Stephanie, and older sister, Guenevere selfishly murdered his father for their advantage.

    Joshua was born on 14th February 1991 in Keystone Heights, Florida. He offered his services in the United States military but later started work as a Truck Driver for USA trucking.  He faced a hard life, living with his abusive mother, his father being the only warmth in his otherwise bleak childhood. With what his mother was planning, it was about to get worse.

    While Joshua was overseas serving in the military, his mother’s financial situation was greatly deteriorating. She, along with his sister was facing troubles as their already small mobile home was under foreclosure. Troubled, and with no other way out, Stephanie convinced her daughter to murder her father to help their situation and gain benefits from the government. On June 9, 2011, the women drove to his father’s home and murdered him with an ax, while he slept. Shocked, but not surprised by this news, Joshua revealed his mother’s greedy and manipulative nature, which possibly led to his sister joining in the crime.

    He told his story in the show and was found dead in his truck the very next day. According to sources, it was explained as liver failure. The 26-year-old, died on August 14th, 2018, and never to see his story told in the episode which aired in January 2019.

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