How did Johnny Ringo really die??

How did Johnny Ringo really die??

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  1. John Peters Ringo or Johnny Ringo as he is famously known as an American outlaw from the Old West. He was associated with the Cochise County Cowboys and took part in the Mason County War. He was jailed for murder but escaped a little before his death in July 1882.

    Ringo was born in Washington, Indiana on May 3, 1850. His family moved to many different places when he was young. On a trip to California, when he was just 14, Ringo’s father died by an accidental shot from a shotgun and he was buried right there along the trail.

    The death of the 19th-century outlaw is a very mysterious event. In July 1882, he was found dead lying against a tree trunk. A property owner heard a gunshot the previous afternoon and then found his body a day later. There was a bullet wound at the right side of his head that extended to the back. His gun was found in his hand with a single round fired from the revolver. His horse was further away with the owner’s boots still bolted to the saddle. His death at the time was ruled as a suicide judging from the scenario. Some reports also say that Ringo was suicidal and the act was long coming. However, there are a few other theories as to how he died, other than suicide.  One theory suggests that he was shot by Wyatt Earp, a man who previously had confronted him for murdering Morgan and attempting to murder Virgil Earp. The man was interviewed by multiple sources and at some points, he confessed to killing Ringo, even though his description of the event did not match the actual event. Similarly, other theories also name several other people who might have killed Ringo but to say for sure is impossible.

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