How did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?

How did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?

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  1. Jeffrey Dahmer, also popularly known as the Milwaukee Cannibal was a dangerous serial killer who was involved in the murder and sex offense of more than 17 young boys and men form 1978 to 1991. He was not only known to mutilate the bodies of the victims but also eat them.

    When the police first entered his apartment after the complaint of Tracy Edwards who Jeffrey Dahmer threatened to kill, they did not find anything suspicious as Jeffrey told them that there had been a misunderstanding. However, the police found a few polaroid photos in the apartment which showed dismembered bodies, and Jeffrey Dahmer was taken into custody. His apartment was searched further and several human body parts were found in the fridge along with dead bodies.

    His trial began in January 1992 and the case was being handled carefully as most of the Dahmer’s victims were of African American origin and there was a risk of a racial riot. Initially, Dahmer pleaded not guilty to his crimes but later confessed to the killings and he was portrayed by his defense as insane. The jury found him guilty and also believed that he was fully aware when doing those crimes. He was sentenced to 15 life terms and was sent to the Wisconsin Prison where he was killed by another inmate, Christopher Scarver.
    Christopher Scarver mentioned that Dahmer had a creepy sense of humor and would often joke about cannibalism which led him to kill Dahmer.

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