How did Hercules die?

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  1. Hercules was a great hero from Greek mythology. He is known by many names: Alcides, Heracles, and known as Hercules in Rome and the Western world. He was regarded as a great and powerful hero whose strength was unrivaled.

    Heracles was born as a result of one of Zeus’ affairs. Zeus disguised himself as a human called Amphitryon, who was Alcmene’s husband.

    The most famous tale regarding Heracles strength is when he strangled as a snake as a young child, without ever being afraid of it. As he grew older he became known for his famous “Labours”. These laborers were ten acts laid out for him so he could be forgiven for his sin of killing his wife, Megara, and their children. Later, Eurystheus who was the High king cheated him and gave him two more tasks which were regarded as his most famous feats. The extra tasks were to slay the Nemean Lions and the other to capture the apple of Hesperides.

    Heracles was unknowingly poisoned by his wife, Deianira which led to his death. While traveling to Tyrins, the two come across a fast-flowing river. Heracles, with his outrageous strength, intends to swim across the river. Deianira, on the other hand, is offered help by a centaur named Nessus. Nessus plans to steal her away while Heracles is still swimming across the river. Heracles is angered with this knowledge and shoots the centaur with arrows dipped in poisonous blood. As he is dying Nessus hands his blood-soaked tunic to Deianira telling her it would “excite the love of her husband.” Years later, Deianira learns of a rival for Heracles’ love, and hoping to win him to her side she gets the tunic delivered to Heracles. Heracles touches the still blood-soaked tunic and dies of the poison.

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