How did Helen Keller learn to read, write and speak?

How did Helen Keller learn to read, write and speak?

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  1. The name and example of Hellen Keller are the most common when speaking of determination and the ability to overcome all obstacles. Hellen Adams Keller was a famous author, lecturer, and political personality born on 27th June 1880. She had four siblings in total and lived in West Tuscumbia, Alabama.

    At the young age of 19 months, Hellen suffered an illness, believed to be Scarlet Fever or Meningitis, which rendered her unable to see or hear. Adapting to her condition, she was at first able to communicate only with the family cook’s daughter who was slightly older than her. Later on, she learned further and was able to create a form of communication, using signs, with her family. She could even distinguish among the family members by the vibration of their footsteps.

    Inspired by an account by Charles Dickens, her mother sent Hellen and her Father to visit an eye, ear, throat and nose specialist by the name of H. Julian Chisolm. Following several referrals, the Kellers were led to Perkins Institute for the blind where they finally met Anne Sullivan, the teacher who would end up changing Hellen’s life drastically.

    Sullivan started to teach Hellen various words by tracing their spellings out on her palm. It was not an instant learning moment for Helen. In the beginning, she struggled and got frustrated, until the pieces of the puzzle suddenly clicked in her brain as she recalled the language she had once started learning. She continued to work with her teacher, Anne for 49 years until she died in 1936. However, by then Helen had learned both sign language as well as Brail which allowed her to complete her education and become the first-ever blind-deaf person to hold an Arts degree.

    Helen’s struggles are inspiring to follow and make one realize that they can cross any hurdle in their path.


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