How did Hashirama Senju die?

How did Hashirama Senju die?

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  1. Hashirama Senju is a character from the Naruto Universe. Naruto is a manga that was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump! till 2015. It was adapted into an anime series, Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden.
    Hashirama is the first Hokage and founder of The Hidden Leaf Village.

    He is considered to be among the strongest shinobi in the Narutoverse with his strength and ability unrivaled. He is called the God of Shinobi because of his wide skill set and regenerative abilities. He is shown to be extremely fast as it was said that he managed to outrun the Nine tails (controlled by Madara) and lead the fight to the shoreline.

    Hashirama is known for his gambling addiction, as mentioned by his granddaughter, Tsunade. He is a loud and somewhat impractical man who holds an idealistic approach. He is a great contrast to his brother Tobirama who is more cool, collected, and has a responsible and mature approach to matters. The first Hokage holds a very animated nature and can go from laughing one second to sulking the next almost instantly.

    Not much is told about how the powerful shinobi died but there are many theories by fans. The most popular belief is that Hashirama died by overdosing his regenerative abilities. Others believe that perhaps his death was through guilt. By the story of Sakumo Hatake, we know that suicide is not an unlikely possibility for a character in the Narutoverse. Thus, it is believed that Hashirama was ridden with guilt after he defeated and killed Madara at the Final Valley. Unable to tale that burden and live without his friend, he took his own life.

    Although, it is also suggested that he simply died of old age and does not appear old in the Edo Tensei version because his regenerative ability allows him to appear young, much the same way as Tsunade.

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