How did Hashirama die?

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  1. The Narutoverse holds many powerful characters with equally tragic backstories the most powerful of them being the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju. He is claimed to be the strongest shinobi alongside Madara Uchiha with insane God-like powers. The two founded the Hidden Leaf Village, otherwise known as Konoha.

    In the series, Hashirama is the only known shinobi to be able to use wood style ninjutsu other than Yamato who was created as a result of Orochimaru’s experimentation with Hashirama’s cells. Another unique attribute of his was his insane ability to recover. Tsunade, his granddaughter and later the fifth Hokage, is also seen having this ability which allows them to age while appearing young.

    Due to his immense power, it is unclear as to how he died. Though there are many theories it is highly unlikely that he died in battle. While there was an assassination attempt on him by Kakuzu, a member of the Akatsuki, but it failed so cannot be the reason behind his death. The most likely possibilities are found to be a disease, which might have inspired Tsuande to train as a medical ninja. The other could be the overuse of his regenerative ability. It might be that he used his ability too much in a war or that the ability slowly reduced and the regenerative process slowed down, killing him. Another theory is that he might have committed suicide. From the case of Kakashi’s father, Sakumo Hatake, it is known that suicide is not unlikely for a character in the Narutoverse. Few believe that after killing Madara he could not take the guilt, or could not think of living without his best friend and committed suicide.

    Whatever the case, every theory suggests that Hashirama did not die young but did not pass away due to old age either.

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