How did Harry Houdini Die?

How did Harry Houdini Die?

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  1. Harry Houdini was an extremely famous magician, illusionist and stunt performer that belonged to Hungary. He is known across the world for his escape acts where he would put himself in difficult inescapable situations and successfully escape. Many new escape artists are inspired by him and use his tricks to entertain people.

    This wasn’t the case earlier as Houdini would sue anyone who would copy his acts. He was a remarkable figure who performed extremely dangerous stunts that many illusionists don’t dare to perform. Getting out of a straitjacket, escaping out of chains, and crawling out of a grave after being buried alive are some of his daring stunts. Harry is a legend in the world of illusionists.

    However, his death was a bit anticlimactic. The great Harry Houdini did not die during one of his daring stunts instead he died of peritonitis. The build-up to his issue was due to a dare he had agreed to do. According to sources, Houdini was hit repeatedly on the abdomen by Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead. The illusionist had claimed he could take on every blow but since his ankle had been broken performing a day before Houdini wasn’t able to absorb the impact and his abdomen took serious damage. The magician had severe inflammation but he performed his act for the day only to wince in severe pain.

    Harry was diagnosed to get an appendicitis but he ignored the doctor’s advice and continued to perform and entertain the people. He was finally taken to the hospital where after struggling for a few days he died. Harry Houdini was only 52 years old when he lost his life. He left behind a legacy that inspires modern-day illusionists and magicians.

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