How did Granger Smith’s son die?

How did Granger Smith’s son die?

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  1. Granger Kelly Smith is an American country singer and songwriter Born on 4 September 1979. He is also known as Earl Dibbles Jr.

    He started with music as just a hobby but slowly his interest grew and he moved to Nashville from Texas after signing a record deal at the age of 19. He released several tracks like “If the boot fits”, “Happens like that”, “Back road song”, “That’s why I love dirt roads” and “You’re in it” which topped the country play charts. He got married to his wife Amber Emily Bartlett in 2010 on 11th February after he met her on the set of his song “Don’t listen to the radio”

    He had three children, a daughter and two sons named London (age 5), Lincoln (age 7) and River (age 3)

    In a tragic accident in 2019, Granger Smith lost his 3-year-old son, River. He drowned in an accident at their home in Austin, Texas. Doctors made many attempts to try and save the child but their efforts were fruitless and the celebrity singer regretfully declared his son dead. River had also made an appearance in the video for one of Smith’s chart-topping songs “Happens Like That”. He and his wife were devastated by the incident but the couple believes that he is in a better place now. As River’s mother wrote on her Instagram “Our family is devastated  and heartbroken, but we take solace in knowing that he is with his Heavenly Father.”

    Following River’s passing his organs were donated for other children so they could have a second chance at life. Smith also asked people to donate to Dell Children’s Medical Centre instead of condolence gifts like flowers to keep the light of other flowers like River shining.

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