How did Google get its name?

How did Google get its name?

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  1. Google is possibly the one thing that we cannot imagine living without this age. The multinational tech company launched in 1998 and has become an important aspect of our lives ever since. It stands among the Big Four alongside Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple and is now so popular that the term “googling something” is a common verb in the language.

    The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were still students. Today, Google serves many more purposes than its original one. Over the years, it has grown as more than a search engine to dominating almost every possible task on the internet; from e-mails to video sharing to documentation, everything can be done with a Google resource. Ever since 2010, Google has expanded further into the world of hardware, producing smartphones, such as the Google Pixel and even its virtual reality headset.

    However, before all of this, the company was just a small research project nicknamed BackRub. The name we know now can be credited to a typo. When thinking for a name for the company in  1997, the creators thought of many possibilities. They settled on the use of the word googol which is a mathematical term for the number 1 and 100 zeros. Initially proposed as googolplex, the name became Google when Page asked his friend, Sean Anderson, to check the availability of the domain. He ended up misspelling the word and the founders decided they liked it better that way and the domain name Google was officially registered on 15th September 1997.

    It is interesting to see the different ideas that the creators came up with to name Google. In today’s age when naming or thinking of anything we simply “Google it” and they are the ones to thank for giving us all the access to do so.

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