How did Geronimo Died?

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  1. Geronimo was a famous leader and healer from the Native American tribe Apache. He was very active in his younger years as he used to lead raids against the U.S and Mexican military. He fought valiantly against the trained militaries in Arizona, Chihuahua, Sonora, and New Mexico. Geronimo was extremely talented and well known in his time. His skill in raiding and battles earned him trust from his tribesmen. As such he would lead many Apaches not only from his tribe but from several other tribes.

    Geronimo was not the chief of his tribe but he was probably the most famous of the Apaches. From 1876 to 1886 Geronimo was captured thrice and surrendered. All three times he promised to lead a peaceful life in the Apache reservation in Arizona but being an independent and free moving man he resented the restrictions placed on him.

    Geronimo broke out of the Reservation for the last time in 1886. What followed was a wild chase for his capture led by Lt. Charles Bare Gatewood. Geronimo was captured and he surrendered once more but this time he was sent off to Skeleton Canyon. From there on he was moved to several other locations including Fort Bowie, Bowie Station, and then to Florida.

    The famous Apache leader was treated as a prisoner of war and he spent the rest of his life as an exhibition. He used to visit fairs, circuses, and other organized events to earn money off his fame. The acclaimed raider and combat veteran had a very miserly end to his life. Geronimo spent the last days of his life at the Fort Sill hospital and finally passed away in 1909. He was buried at the Fort Sill Indian Agency Cemetery along with other prisons of war.

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