How did George Reeves die?

How did George Reeves die?

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  1. George Reeves was a famous American actor who was popular for playing the role of Superman in the series Adventures of Superman that came on television from 1952-1958. Reeves’ acting career started when he was in his late 20s with Gone With The Wind. Although the role was small, Reeves left a mark on the right people, and soon he was working for Warner. He did a few movies there and went on to sign with 20th Century Fox. In short, his rise to fame continued as his success grew but things went downhill fast.

    Very unfortunate circumstances led to the actor’s death on June 16th 1959. George Reeves shot himself with several witnesses present at the time of his murder. The Los Angeles police arrived at the scene of the crime under an hour of the witnesses calling them.

    According to the story, George was having a bad day since the afternoon of June 16th. He had had an argument with his fiancé and he was not in a good mood. Later in the day, some friends came to his house where a small party took place. George, unable to tolerate the noise, hobbled down the stairs where he got angry with the guests but then cooled off a little and drank some alcohol with them.

    George left the guests and went back upstairs where he shot himself while naked. The actor was reportedly unhappy with his life and career. However, interesting findings at the crime scene make his death sound more like a murder. Apparently, there were no fingerprints on the gun and no residue gunpowder. The alibis of some witnesses did not match but the police overruled the suspicions and declared George’s death a suicide. It is possible that George was murdered but who knows for sure?

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