How did Freddie Mercury meet Jim Hutton?

How did Freddie Mercury meet Jim Hutton?

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  1. Freddie Mercury was a legendary rockstar, famous as the lead vocalist of the band “Queen”. His striking stage persona and four-octave vocals marked him as a legend in the music industry and among people’s hearts.

    Born on 5 September 1946, Freddie ( previously known as Farrokh Bulsara ) spent part of his early life as a kid in India. From there he delved into the world of music starting from piano lessons at his school. Later on, by the age of 12, he formed his band named “The Hectics” and covered several rock and roll artists. This was around the same time he started going by the name “Freddie”

    After some difficult situations, his family moved to England in 1964. There he pursued art while being involved in music simultaneously. By 1971 the famous Band “Queen” was formed. During that time Freddie dated Mary Austin, who would become his closest friend after their break up following Freddie’s confession about his sexuality. It was some partners later that he met Jim Hutton. Their first meeting was mostly uneventful with the Irish-born hairdresser rejecting Mercury’s offer to buy a drink when they met at a gay club in London called Heaven. Hutton was already seeing someone else at the time and did not pay much attention to him. It wasn’t until their second d meeting that they started their relationship. Not long after their involvement with each other, Hutton moved in with Freddie in his London mansion. Their relationship saw a few ups and downs but in the end, they were very devoted to each other and wore gold bands to represent their bond, even though gay marriage wouldn’t be legalized until many years later.

    His relation with Hutton would be his longest one lasting until his death in 1991 by AIDS.

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