How did Freddie Mercury contract AIDS?

How did Freddie Mercury contract AIDS?

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  1. Freddie Mercury ( born Farrokh Bulsara) was best known for his theatrical appearances, unlike the usual style expected of a rock frontman. He was the lead vocalist of the infamous band Queen and defied the norms with not just his stage appearances but also his commendable vocal range.

    Mercury was born to a Parsi-Indian family in Zanzibar. He spent the first half of his academic life in English styled boarding schools in India. His family moved to Middlesex, England as they fled the Zanzibar revolution. There he formed Queen in 1970.

    From an early age he had formed and been part of many other bands but Queen was possibly the greatest success of all of them. He produced great hits such as Killer Queen, Somebody to Love, Bohemian Rapsody, and many more. Mercury also led a solo career often appearing as a guest musician for others. His final album with Queen was titled Made In Heaven(1995). At the time he had already been diagnosed with AIDS yet he continued to produce music.

    Aside from his theatrical stage appearances, Mercury was also known for grand and extravagant parties. Being the ‘70s it was an era for wild parties and promiscuity was not uncommon. Mercury preferred to keep his life private and for the most part, no one even knew he had tested positive for HIV, where and how he got it is another mystery. It can be said that he contracted AIDS from one of his many partners but to specify is impossible. The disease was already widely spreading at the time and very little was known of it. In many interviews, Mercury even denied testing positive and only disclosed the fact in a statement a day before his death in 1991. He died four years after his diagnosis at the age of 45.

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