How did Elvis Presley Die?

How did Elvis Presley Die?

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  1. Elvis Presley is a widely famed musician and cultural icon even years after his death. Often referred to as “The King”, Elvis was not only a singer but an actor as well. His unique style born through mixing different elements led to his enormous success.

    Elvis was born in Mississippi on 8th January 1935. He also had a twin brother, Jesse who was stillborn. He had a close bond with his mother and attended an Assembly of God Church where he gained inspiration for his initial music. Elvis spent a great part of his life in poverty, often relying on others for food.

    The singer’s first public performance was in a singing contest at age 10. He then received his first guitar as a birthday gift. The young Elvis learned to play the guitar with the help of his uncles and some basic lessons by the Pastor at the church. However, he was very shy and would never sing in public. Slowly, he overcame that hesitation and after moving to Memphis, Tennessee he began his career in 11954. what started as a few songs as a present fro his mother, turned into a record deal. The year 1956 proved to be good for him. His song Heartbreak Hotel became a number one hit in the U.S. and later in November Elvis made his film debut.

    During the last few years of his life, The King faced declining physical and mental health. He divorced his wife and became addicted to prescription drugs and consumed large amounts of junk food. On August 16, 1977, he was found unconscious at his residence in Graceland. The 42-year-old musician was brought to the hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead, likely by a heart attack. Elvis was buried in Graceland and the site presently serves as a great tourist attraction.

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