How did Dr Pol’s Grandson die?

How did Dr Pol’s Grandson die?

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  1. Jan Pol is a famous television personality known for the American reality TV show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. The show is aired on Nat geo Wild and follows Dr. Pol and his family and workers. The famous veterinarian practices his work in the rural part of Weidman, Michigan. His show has a large viewership and holds an incredible 16 seasons and 173 episodes as of October 2019.

    Along with Pol his wife, Diane Pol is also a veterinarian and started her practice alongside her husband following their move to Weidman, Michigan from Harbour Beach, Michigan where they lived prior. The animal-loving couple has 3 adopted children: Kathy, Charles, and Diane.

    In September of 2019, the family received the tragic news that affected not just them but also the devoted viewers of Pol’s TV show. Dr. Pol’s grandson Adam James Butch passed away on 18th September 2019 at the young age of 23. Adam had previously made a few rare appearances in his grandfather’s show. As short as his appearances were in the show, Adam was known to be very close to his grandfather. He was a certified pharmacy technician and also worked alongside Rite Aid, a drugstore chain widespread in the United States. Described as a friendly soul, Adam was a student at Michigan State University until recently when he graduated. He stayed an active part of the community as a member of the Relay Of Life Committee.

    Dr Pol’s death has not been determined, due to the wish of his family to keep the details about his death private. However, it is believed the cause of his death is the depression that he had been facing for some time now.

    Surely, it is not an easy task for his friends and family to overcome the loss but only time can make it any better.

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